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We’re partnering up with SCOPE Middle East

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Hello, I’m the co-founder and CEO of Mlytics, Ryan Chin.

When Mlytics was founded, we knew that we would need good partners to scale globally and build a better and safer internet world. Our goal is to disrupt the cloud industry with a platform that offers innovative ways to bring better performance, reliability, and security to a website.

We’ve been traveling around the world, attending countless meetings, tradeshows, and seminars, not just to evangelize the incredible tech our team has built, but to seek partners that have the same vision.

Today I’m thrilled to announce that we are partnering up with SCOPE Middle East to drive a faster and safer internet experience in the region.

SCOPE Middle East is a security solutions company in the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa (META) region specializing in cybersecurity, network performance, mobility, and cloud solutions.

Fadi AbuEkab, the founder and CEO of SCOPE Middle East mentioned that due to the COVID-19, they’ve seen massive growth in web activity in the eCommerce, streaming, and work-related web app in the region. We have exchanged ideas and thought this is a great opportunity to form an alliance to help businesses to tackle this.

The Mlytics platform is a total package that offers: Multi CDN, AI Load Balancing – the proprietary machine learning-trained GSLB system, and sophisticated security features powered by our self-developed WAF and layered DDoS protection process.

I truly believe this total solution package can empower and elevate SCOPE Middle East’s specialty in the network and cybersecurity field, giving their customers total choice and control.

This partnership extends Mlytics presence across the META markets and also expands SCOPE Middle East’s coverage to a global scale. I’m personally very excited about it.