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Real user monitoring

Enhanced user experience through your real user data

Leverage actual user data to take website performance to the next level and make better business decisions.

Why Mlytics RUM?

While synthetic monitoring can assure maximum uptime and performance in a technical sense, real user monitoring is an essential complement to boost your user experience even further.

Mlytics RUM analyzes the user experience based on actual data from real visitors to your website, giving you crucial details to recreate unanticipated problems, resolve issues and deliver the fast, reliable user experience your customers deserve.



Sits quietly in the background, analyzing how your website is performing for users.

more for less


Dynamically insert a short string of code into your pages and let RUM do the heavy lifting.



Identify and solve issues faster, make confident decisions to boost web performance.

No more blind spots

The data that reflects how users really feel

Stay ahead of all unanticipated issues by complementing synthetic monitoring with collecting data of how actual users experience your website or application via RUM.

The data that reflects how users really feel
Not just visualize, but also interact with the data

Gain insight

Not just visualize, but also interact with the data

As soon as user activity is recorded, your RUM data will be visualized on the Pulse chart, giving you actionable insights to enhance the user experience.

Enhanced CDN performance

Combining RUM and synthetic monitoring

The system intelligently routes traffic to the best-performing CDN at any given time based on the data collected via RUM and synthetic monitoring.

Combining RUM and synthetic monitoring

Augment your existing video delivery