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Next Connex partnering with Mlytics to deliver intelligent Multi CDN service to the UK

nextconnex mlytics partner announcement

UK-based network service provider Next Connex has partnered up with Mlytics to deliver Multi CDN service to the region. Mlytics develops an AI-driven Multi CDN marketplace which makes subscribing to multiple top-tier CDNs such as Akamai, CloudFront, Alibaba an easy task, and routes traffic to the best performing one to ensure optimal website/web application performance. It also offers WAF that automatically deploys to all CDNs, a one-stop-shop for L3/L4 and L7 DDoS protection, and protection against all types of web application attacks.

Mlytics is the pioneer in AI-optimized Multi CDN marketplace,” says Zena Cheng, Chief of Channel Growth of Mlytics, “We always believe that finding the right partner in the region is a very important factor in our success. The addition of Next Connex to our UK partners community simply further strengthens the community’s mutual belief in the consortium strength of Choice and Control before the firewall.”

As a wholesale data center and internet infrastructure provider, Next Connex sees this partnership as an opportunity to expand its solution portfolio and deliver a more streamlined total service for businesses in the UK.

“Nextconnex are delighted to be working with Mlytics  in bringing  the huge benefits of their AI-optimized multi CDN technology to the U.K.”

Mlytics strive to provide the fastest website performance, reliability, and security package to businesses of all scales. Previously, there was simply no one-size-fits-all solution out there for these three critical services. This meant businesses had to subscribe to multiple, complex, and different services to meet their requirements. The Mlytics AI platform solves this issue in moments. 

“In our user-friendly and intuitive interface, we provide access to multiple top-tier CDN providers offering global coverage including China. Our clients do not require multiple contracts with the providers, they can simply subscribe to Mlytics without having to worry about maintaining communication with the providers,” commented Ryan Chin, Mlytics founder, and CEO.