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Pride Toronto’s Successful Digital Transformation: Partnering with Mlytics to Boost Online Visibility

Pride Toronto is a top 2SLGBTQ+ organization in Canada that honors diversity and inclusivity through their yearly Pride Festival. As their online presence grows and the demand for scalable hosting and content delivery increases, Pride Toronto searches for a trustworthy partner to handle their digital transformation. Thanks to the technology solutions provided by Mlytics, Pride Toronto successfully tackled these challenges.

The Partnership Genesis

Pride Toronto chose to team up with Mlytics because of the company’s proven track record, respected standing in the industry, and cutting-edge solutions. The partnership extended beyond the quantifiable results. Mlytics provided dedicated account management, ensuring quick technical support and fostering a stronger business relationship. 

Pride Toronto saw a reduction in their IT staffing requirements, leading to both financial benefits and operational ease. The partnership primarily centered around Mlytics Multi-CDN technology, which improves website functionality and dependability. Furthermore, Pride Toronto was intrigued by Mlytics Stream feature for video streaming, which could potentially enhance their online presence even further.

The Challenge and Goals

Dynamic Staffing Scenario

Mlytics offerings relieved the need for Pride Toronto to invest in a large IT team. Mlytics multi-CDN technology is easy to set up and configure. It does not require any specialized IT knowledge. Mlytics also provides comprehensive documentation and support resources. This makes it easy for Pride Toronto’s staff to manage their website and content delivery, even during peak traffic periods.

Migration & Hosting

Mlytics helped Pride Toronto to migrate its website from WordPress to WebFlow with minimal downtime. The company’s team of experts provided guidance and support throughout the process. By efficiently managing the migration process, minimizing downtime, providing expert guidance, and offering ongoing support, Mlytics played an important role in ensuring a successful migration.

Efficient Content Delivery

Mlytics multi-CDN technology ensures that Pride Toronto’s website is always available and responsive, even during peak traffic periods. The company’s global network of servers ensures that content is delivered to users as quickly and efficiently as possible. Mlytics provides, enhancing user satisfaction and seamlessly supporting Pride Toronto’s video content delivery.

Key Points

The partnership with Mlytics yielded remarkable results for Pride Toronto:

Analytics & Reporting: Integration of traffic analytics provided valuable insights that Pride Toronto used for sponsor and stakeholder reporting, enhancing their ability to secure sponsorships. Mlytics tools provide helpful insights on user behavior and interaction, such as most viewed pages, duration of visits, and location/referral data. These observations improve Pride Toronto’s content strategies and user experiences for better service.

Traffic Growth: Within a few months, Pride Toronto’s website saw a great increase in traffic, from 1,000 visitors per day to an impressive 1 million visitors per day. The increase in traffic shows that the migration was successful and the user experience has improved, resulting in a larger audience being attracted and retained. Sustainable traffic growth is crucial for any organization’s online presence as it can create opportunities for engagement, awareness, and fundraising.

Peak Traffic Handling: The website successfully handled an astonishing 11 million visitors in just six hours, showcasing the robustness of Mlytics technology. During important events or announcements, Pride Toronto’s website often experiences high levels of traffic. Thanks to Mlytics’ multi-CDN technology, the website is able to handle this increased load efficiently. As a result, the site remains accessible and responsive even during intense traffic spikes. This capability helps Pride Toronto reach a global audience during critical moments.

In the future, Pride Toronto and Mlytics have identified exciting possibilities in utilizing Mlytics video streaming feature, Stream. This involves moving away from YouTube embeds and utilizing Stream to enhance the overall user experience while also optimizing costs. The scalability of Stream, as well as the proven success of the Multi-CDN technology, creates an appealing opportunity for future endeavors. We invite other organizations to explore the multi-dimensional offerings of Mlytics. Mlytics can help you to overcome your technology challenges and achieve your business goals.