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Find the most reliable CDN, anywhere

Monitor & analyze real-time CDN availability and performance data, shop for the best CDN for your website.

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What is Mlytics Pulse?

Shopping around for the right CDN vendor can be a time consuming task, as it is challenging to find transparent performance and reliability data for each CDN.

Mlytics Pulse is an interactive chart that displays latency and availability data of all CDN providers we partnered with, collected and combined via RUM and synthetic monitoring. It serves as a powerful tool to help you make informed decisions and significantly accelerates your CDN shopping process.

Immediate access

Immediate access

No configurations needed, just register and access crucial CDN performance data.

Stay informed

Stay informed

Easily understand how each CDN performs and enhance your decision making.

For Multi CDN

Full transparency

See all the CDN performance data for different timeframes and geolocations.

Latency measurement

Easily see which CDN has the best latency

Without configuration, the interactive chart immediately shows you the latency data of all the supported CDNs on the Mlytics platform.

Easily see which CDN has the best latency
Constantly be aware of which CDN is failing

Availability monitoring

Constantly be aware of which CDN is failing

See availability data for all the CDNs to help you understand which has a higher possibility of causing downtime for your website.

Real user monitoring

Enhanced performance monitoring via RUM

You have the option to install the “Beacon code” on your website to activate the RUM feature. The collected data will be available on Pulse once activities are recorded.

Enhanced performance monitoring via RUM

Dynamic Pulse

Measure origin performance through specific CDNs

Gain accurate insights of your website performance by monitoring performance and availability data starting from the wavers and real users to your origin through a specific CDN.

Augment your existing video delivery