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The portal to all your Multi-CDN needs

Activate, manage, and optimize multiple CDNs on a single platform, the full Multi-CDN stack for your website.

Multi CDN

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Why Mlytics Multi-CDN?

Dealing with multiple CDNs at a time can be challenging because they all operate differently. Mlytics offers an automated, out-of-the-box solution to deploy, monitor, and manage multiple top-tier CDNs simultaneously, so you can focus on your website’s performance and reliability.

Easy deployment

Easy deployment

Activate CDN with just a few clicks without having to negotiate and sign any contract.

Easy management

Easy management

Monitor the performance of all CDNs and make adjustments on the fly.



Activate, analyze and manage everything in one place, as easy as using a single CDN.

Power-Ups marketplace

Deploy your Multi-CDN solution with just a few clicks

We partnered with trusted global CDN providers to offer you the most reliable CDNs. Easily select, compare and deploy CDNs and pay on-the-go on our Multi-CDN marketplace.

Subscribe and start using CDN with just a few clicks
Manage your CDNs in one place, turn them on or off with a few clicks

CDN meets simplicity

Centralized, intuitive CDN management

See the status of all your CDNs and toggle them on/off without doing it each individually via different portals, all using one interface.

Custom CDN

Bring the CDN you subscribed somewhere else to the platform

If you are locked in a contract or wish to use a CDN provider that’s not currently being listed, you can bring your own CDN to the platform by setting it up on the platform in just a few clicks.

Bring the CDN you subscribed somewhere else to the platform
Find out how CDNs are performing and take actions

Performance analytics

Find out how CDNs are performing and take action

Gain access to the Multi-CDN analytics tool which provides live cache status, geographical distribution insights, and more.

Augment your existing video delivery