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Cloud WAF

Keep users satisfied, annihilate application attacks

Protect against all types of application attacks ranging from injections, XSS, and more.

Web application firewall

How is Mlytics Cloud WAF different?

On-premise firewalls and traditional rule sets can no longer keep up with the ever-changing internet world. The Mlytics Cloud WAF is a comprehensive and multi-purpose service that offers sophisticated CRS management to keep your website safe from application attacks. The system is always up-to-date and is highly scalable for a wide range of applications with great compatibility for your cloud stack.

waf Made simple

Made simple

Using and managing is intuitive, enabling rapid implementation with just a few clicks.

WAF always updated


We’ve included over 2,000 pre-built rulesets ready for deployment upon activation.

a waf that is way beyond

Always updated

The team tracks and analyzes the network for new threats and keeps the database updated.

Fight application attacks

Don’t ever worry about OWASP top vulnerabilities anymore

Once your website is added to the platform, it is immediately empowered to fight application attacks that aim to exploit all kinds of vulnerabilities such as generic injection, SQL injection, XSS and more.

Don’t ever worry about OWASP top vulnerabilities anymore
Don’t settle with the managed rulesets, create your own

Ever-scaling database

A threat database that can always help identify new vulnerabilities

The Mlytics security team is filled with cybersecurity experts. They’re constantly monitoring the network every day to identify new potential threats. The managed rulesets are constantly updated to keep your website safe against even the newest threats.

Comprehensive analytics

Know everything about the attacks

See the attack source, type, and volume via an interactive dashboard. The threat log also provides in-depth incident details that give you all the information you need to make changes to the rulesets.

Know everything about the vulnerability, if it ever does happen

What the process looks like

Mlytics web application firewall

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