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Smart Load Balancing

Seamless traffic. Anywhere. Anytime.

The system intelligently finds the fastest route between your website and users.

smart load balancing

What is Smart Load Balancing?

Mlytics Smart Load Balancing leverages CDN latency and availability data collected via real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring to intelligently route traffic to the best-performing CDN. Smart load balancing helps you deliver the best possible customer experience and website performance.

Automated orchestration

Automated orchestration

Intelligently steer traffic based on latency, availability and geography data, all CDN swaps are done autonomously.



Mlytics smart load balancing constantly measures global CDN performance to actively help you swap to the best CDN.

Zero downtime

Zero downtime

Failover instantly and ensure maximum availability. The Mlytics system automatically switches to the best performing CDN.

Available immediately

Automatically activated once your site is added

No more tedious configuration process as Mlytics Smart Load Balancing is activated by default upon installation of multiple CDNs.

Activated once you have multiple CDNs subscribed
Manually control which CDN to use exclusively in a region

Choice and control

Customize your routing policies

Customize your routing policy and manually override the load balancing decisions based on your custom-defined latency or availability.

You can also force the system to always use a specified CDN in a region with control down to state level for the US region and city/telco/ASN level for the China region.

Performance analytics

Actively monitor CDN performance and routing decisions

An interactive chart displays the holistic performance trends of all CDNs and which routing decisions were made. Get a full overview of what’s happening on your website for informed decision-making.

Know how CDNs are performing and how many times they’ve been used
Manually control which CDN to use exclusively in a region

Targeted decision-making

Select specific data feeds for your web applications

Static and dynamic websites use different content delivery strategies. Select data feeds that provide targeted performance and availability insights, to make accurate content delivery decisions specific to your web application.

Augment your existing video delivery