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Fast and reliable China content delivery solution

Load your website securely, improve website and application speed and boost reliability for users in China.

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Access top-tier China and China RIM CDNs

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Mlytics GMA network

Global Multi-CDN Accelerator

Mlytics proprietory GMA network leverages a well-monitored, congestion free, redundant global network, combined with thousands of edge nodes, strategically located around the globe to provide users with an excellent content delivery solution for both in-China and global visitors.

Well suitable for dynamic content-rich websites and applications such as IOT, Fintech, AI and iGaming service providers, GMA is immediately available on any plan and automatically part of your Multi-CDN setup, ensuring stable content delivery into China from the start, without the need for an ICP License.

China RIM CDN Solution
China RIM CDN Solution

ICP-free China Content Delivery

The Mlytics China Access Solution combines Mlytics proprietary CN2 edge servers with other trusted China RIM CDN PoPs located in South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, and more to ensure the best possible performance in China even without the need for an ICP license.

China CDN Solution
China CDN Solution

Simplified China Content Delivery

Mlytics partnered with the best China CDN providers to offer a complete, simplified China content delivery solution built around your needs.

Our automated smart load balancing solution performs CDN optimization down to city-level in China, offering the most precise website experience tuning process possible.

The Mlytics China Access Solution runs in partnership with top-tier China CDN providers including Tencent, Alibaba and BaishanCloud.


Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Serve content from top-tier CDN edge servers strategically distributed across China and Near-China and connected to the main China ISPs.


Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Highly scalable, multi-purpose service offering sophisticated CRS management and customizable rules to keep your web applications safe from attacks.


DDoS Mitigation

Leveraging a network of multiple CDNs and smart load balancing solution, the system mitigates DDoS attacks in seconds.


Dynamic Content Acceleration

Leverage a dynamic routing strategy to further enhance performance of dynamic content-based websites.



Seamlessly deliver your streaming content with the multi-bitrate full HD streaming services sitting on top of our super fast China CDN network.



Ensure real-time communication with bi-directional and open links between CDNs and users.


China DNS Resolution

Further enhance website performance by resolving DNS requests with dedicated China-based DNS.


City- & Telco-level Orchestration in China

Access granular routing strategies down to city- and telco-level in China.


100+ Monitoring Points in China

Leverage a setup of 100+ wavers for synthetic monitoring all across China, ensuring our smart load balancer continuously routes traffic to the best-performing CDN.

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