Video Stream for China

Unlock China's Online Audience

Expand your streaming coverage in China and improve viewer experience with Mlytics Video Stream edge cloud services.

Minimize latency and gain real-time actionable data analytics.

Video Stream for China

Stream to China as if you're locally present

What you need for fast and reliable video stream delivery to China...

  • Compliance Knowhow

  • Stable content delivery to China

  • Leading China CDN providers

Access to top-tier CDNs that excel in China

Global AcceleratorTencent CloudAlibaba CloudBaishan CloudChinaCacheWangsuCDNetworks


  • Reach OTT viewers in China - without the need for an ICP License.
  • Seamlessly deliver your streaming content with the adaptive bitrate full HD streaming services and Multi-CDN management in China.
  • Provide high-performance with Low Latency HLS.
  • Activate Mlytics in-stream switching to optimize video delivery on the viewer-level in China.
  • Get actionable insights for viewers experience and content preferences in China.


Video Stream Analytics

Video stream in China: viewer experience analytics

Understand your audience, their video consumption, and engagement better. These audience analytics tools give you a complete picture of your audience to help you make actionable decisions based on your viewership data.

Know how satisfied your viewers are with your video streaming services with real world viewer experience data that includes playback experience, performance data, and more.
Key metrics give you the 360 degree details on any possible issue caused by low QoE scores. Your team can use these metrics to further identify root causes or find room for optimizations.
As a business owner, you care about the video streaming performace, number of views, and the top regions to these videos. Our dashboard provides filters based on any of various conditions.
Multi-CDN Management

Fit your video stream in China

You can choose different strategies for Multi-CDN management in China, apply in-stream switching for better performance at user-level in China, and optimize your cost on delivery with client-side switching CDN. With Multi-CDN management, you can set optional CDN weights - score for each CDN according to costs, preferences or other considerations - so that the system would switch CDNs according to different weights intelligently.

Multi-CDN Management
In-stream switching

Handle heavy traffic & rebuffering in China

Mlytics Video Stream SDK with in-stream switching on a viewer-side player can support handling China market with 850 million active users, with no compromise on the video quality, buffering and latency. You don’t need to replace anything in current digital infrastructure, because our SDK is simply integrated and high compatible to all main devices and systems, like as iOS, Android, Web, etc. With in-stream switching advanced abilities in monitoring, it provides real-time data analytics about your audience in China and optimize performance for each viewer.

In-stream switching
Performance optimization

Support your stream to be more accessible in China

During network transmission in China, domains may be blocked due to suspiciously untrusted or abnormal - Mlytics can effectively solve these issues. Through our multiple nodes deployed in China, suspiciously untrusted and abnormal domains could be switched to others intelligently, and allow users all transmissions are normal during access, completely solving issues of domains blocked.

Performance optimization

China DNS Resolution

Further enhance website performance by resolving DNS requests with dedicated China-based DNS.


Viewer-level Orchestration in China

Access granular routing strategies down to viewer-level in China.


100+ Monitoring Points in China

Leverage a setup of 100+ wavers for synthetic monitoring all across China, ensuring our smart load balancer continuously routes traffic to the best-performing CDN.

Unlock China's Online Audience