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Origin shield

Unmatched origin server protection

Minimize your origin’s load, improve its availability, and reduce its operating costs.

origin shield

Why Mlytics Origin Shield?

Usually CDN-based Origin Shield solutions can never really promise 100% resilience and redundancy, as they experience outages from time to time. Mlytics Origin Shield is a sophisticated security suite including Cloud WAF, Firewall Rules, Access Control, and more, deployed across multiple trusted CDNs and combined with smart load balancing to truly boost network performance and maximize origin server protection and resilience.

Cloud WAF

Keep users satisfied, eliminate application attacks

Sophisticated security service to protect against all types of application attacks ranging from injections, XSS, and more.

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Don’t ever worry about OWASP top vulnerabilities anymore
Know everything about the vulnerability, if it ever does happen

Web firewall

Advanced, highly customizable firewall rules, just for your business

Prevent all possible malicious activities by customizing firewall rules with the Mlytics firewall rule builder.

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Origin DDoS protection

Keep your origin safe. Guarantee uptime

Steer your traffic through the Mlytics platform to add an extra layer of protection and prevent attackers from targeting your origin server directly.

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Maximum security without sacrificing performance
Create your own ACL with just a few clicks

Access control

Whitelisting and blacklisting, centralized and simplified

Gain full control over traffic access via CIDR/IP and geolocation attributes.

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HTTP header rewrite

Modify HTTP header at the edge

Transform headers and make adjustments to incoming requests at the edge for redirecting, HTTPS redirect, header modification, and more.

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Forget about the command line, build your rules intuitively
Full control over the origin load balancing method

Origin services

The ultimate stack for your origin server

A collection of features designed for all kinds of origin use cases to superpower your origin security.

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Bot management

Automatically block the bad, and allow the rest

Efficiently mitigate bad bots with Mlytics’s ever-updating threat database.

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stop malicious bots
Build API rules from one centralized platform

API protection

Intuitive, comprehensive API security

Flexible API security solution, preventing unauthorized access to your application and shielding them from exploitation.

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