Hybrid CDN P2P

Mlytics combines P2P delivery and Multi-CDN technology, offering a high coverage low cost video delivery solution that scales cost-effectively.

Hybrid CDN Mesh

Augment your streaming services with cost-effective content delivery solutions

This means you can...
  • Deliver reliable streaming services even with sudden traffic spikes
  • Optimize video delivery cost
  • Decrease rebuffering rates by 60% as demand rises
And your business will benefit from...
  • Expand to a wider audience with the proportional bandwidth
  • Access new markets with confidence in quality of performance
  • Control global bandwidth costs as audience demand rises
  • Reach more audiences wherever they are
Hybrid CDN Mesh
Half of the startup time delay compared to pure P2P (15 seconds vs 30 seconds)
More than 30% reduction of CDN consumption

How it works

Requests are handled by peers to reduce requests from the stream source (origin server and CDNs), resulting in more cost-effective video delivery. A peer essentially serves as a PoP that increases the overall bandwidth for your streaming services.


When user A already gets optimal CDN support, user B can easily obtain the video from user A.

Features and specs

Hybrid CDN P2P delivery gives your teams the ability to balance your cost reduction and video performance levers.

Hybrid CDN P2P expands your delivery capacity, manages traffic spikes without investing deep into infrastructure by leveraging existing viewer devices as a PoP for content distribution and reaches more viewers wherever they are.
Hybrid CDN P2P keeps content at the edge of the network. Content can be shared within the same ISP or region via a proprietary ISP/geolocation matching algorithm to improve start up and rebuffering time.
Hybrid CDN P2P reduces the burden on your existing CDN, saving you more CDN traffic and request costs in total.
Hybrid CDN Delivery - Usage Analytics
Hybrid CDN Delivery - Cost Saving

Cost Savings

Hybrid CDN P2P can yield savings up to 40%, providing significant cost savings compared to traditional CDN solutions by offloading some of the delivery responsibility to their viewers, and reducing delivery costs.

Improved Delivery Performance

Hybrid CDN P2P acceleration makes video streaming more scalable, resistant to peak demands and failure situations.

  1. Reduced infrastructural costs
  2. Less network congestion
  3. Guaranteed quality of service
Hybrid CDN Delivery - Performance
Hybrid CDN Delivery - Support everywhere

Operating in the uncharted

Hybrid CDN P2P helps distribute content to viewers even in remote locations, reducing the need for expensive server infrastructure.

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Multi-CDN Management

Bring your CDN, and get access to multiple CDN easily, prevent vendor locked in and facilitate management of multiple CDNs.

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In-Stream Switching

Mlytics constantly scans user side CDN performance for a better CDN option and switch seamlessly without buffering to eliminate downtime.

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Low Latency Live Streaming

Keep viewers engaged and connected via Mlytics low latency technology for sports, gaming, and more.

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