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Gain actionable insights from your streaming data, optimize viewer engagement and QoE.

Multi-CDN Management

Bring your CDN, and get access to multiple CDN easily, prevent vendor locked in and facilitate management of multiple CDNs.

In-Stream Switching

Mlytics constantly scans user side CDN performance for a better CDN option and switch seamlessly without buffering to eliminate downtime.

Hybrid CDN P2P

Lower cost up to 40% without compromising QoE by intelligently combines multi-CDN and Hybrid CDN P2P technology.

Low Latency Live Streaming

Keep viewers engaged and connected via Mlytics low latency technology for sports, gaming, and more.


Linking User Experience to Conversion

Mlytics Video Stream Analytics enables the shortest path to viewer conversion: deep and comprehensive Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics including video quality, user behavior, user experience, and more. Know your QoE, prevent session drop off, secure conversion.

Mlytics Video Stream minimizes the video start up time by always securing the best-performing CDN from a list of your preferred CDNs for improved video start up time and lower the chance of viewer drop-off.
Mlytics Video Stream's algorithm monitors and constantly switches to the best-performing CDN to deliver content on a segment-by-segment basis in real time during a stream playback session.
Mlytics Video Stream offers a comprehensive QoE analytics dashboard ranging from audience experience, content performance, to service quality. It gives you the insights needed from every angle to ensure the success of your streaming services.
improve startup time
Multi-CDN management
Multi-CDN Management

Flexibility, performance, reliability

Mlytics multi-CDN enables an easier way to manage and utilize multiple CDNs, giving you the flexibility to avoid single CDN vendor lock-in; the performance to swap CDN resources for the best experience; the reliability to avoid service downtime for maximum conversion.

Mlytics allows easier implementation and management of a Multi-CDN strategy, which directly enhances your streaming services to prevent content delivery failure and the loss of viewers.
You can choose the best CDN for each reason where they operate, building an overlapping global network of CDNs that optimizes content delivery for a truly global and consistent streaming experience.
Multi-CDN gives you the flexibility to adapt CDN to the specific needs of your business and audience. You get to pick the best CDN at all times best on your requirements of choice.
In-Stream Switching

Flawless viewing experience

Eliminates downtime and poor streaming quality caused by any possible CDN failure during a video playback session. Deliver higher viewer satisfaction and fewer customer care calls.

Mlytics Video Stream's algorithm creates a unique data model for each viewer according to real-time CDN availability and engagement data. It dynamically chooses CDNs on a segment-by-segment basis for maximum stream reliability for your viewers.
Mlytics Video Stream's algorithm creates a unique data model for each viewer according to real-time CDN bandwidth and engagement data. It dynamically chooses CDNs on a segment-by-segment basis for maximum stream reliability for your viewers.
Mlytics Video Stream collects and analyzes viewer data worldwide on CDN QoE (Quality of Experience). Make data-based decisions about the best CDN according to viewer real-time feedback at each moment.
In-Stream Switching max reliability
Mesh Delivery
Hybrid CDN P2P

Maximize scale, Minimize cost

Manage traffic spikes and expand your video delivery. Leverage your viewers extra bandwidth to distribute content more efficiently and cost effective.

Hybrid CDN P2P expands your delivery capacity, manages traffic spikes without investing deep into infrastructure by leveraging existing viewer devices as a PoP for content distribution and reaches more viewers wherever they are.
Hybrid CDN P2P keeps content at the edge of the network. Content can be shared within the same ISP or region via a proprietary ISP/geolocation matching algorithm to improve start up and rebuffering time.
Hybrid CDN P2P reduces the burden on your existing CDN, saving you more CDN traffic and request costs in total.
Low Latency Live Streaming

Experience the Difference

Mlytics Low Latency Live Streaming technology can provide the lowest possible latency for your live streaming via LL-HLS, giving your viewers a pleasant and immersive viewing experience.

Mlytics provides developer-friendly video infrastructure so you can focus on building your business while we provide hosting, encoding, and delivery for your streaming services.
Mlytics offers RTMP for live broadcasts and LL-HLS for output streams. Your application has the ability to stream from a mobile app, broadcast software, or hardware encoder and broadcast to any device.
Mlytics Video Stream Analytics dashboard provides overall experience score, total views, unique viewers, and playtime. Know if your videos are gaining traction, quickly identify issues, and investigate opportunities for improvements.
Live Streaming
improved video quality score
Cost management
saving cost of stream with Hybrid CDN P2P technology
the playback success score increased to 97%
CUSTOMER experience
maintaining 90% excellent QoE scores
Mlytics' Multi-CDN solution is exactly what I need now, and absolutely recommend to others.
Gabby Chen, Associate Project Manager
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