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Mlytics’s goal is to disrupt the cloud industry with a marketplace-like Multi CDN platform to provide the best in class reliability, performance, and security solution. Mlytics builds a platform that monitors the internet and routes web traffic across multiple CDNs driven by machine learning technology to avoid downtime and congestion with essential security features built-in.

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Mlytics is a platform that helps businesses achieve better website/web app reliability, performance, and security. It’s the only platform in the world that offers a true marketplace-like experience to simplify the CDN subscription and activation process, and uses RUM and synthetic monitoring to collect CDN and network data to help businesses route traffic intelligently across all available CDNs.

The company was founded in 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan by Ryan Chin and Reggie Yam, aiming to build a more reliable, faster, and safer internet world with options and transparency.

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