In-Stream Switching

Reliable streaming experience. Automated.

A stream CDN switching solution that operates autonomously 24-7 to deliver the best viewing experience for every single one of your viewers globally that requires no single replacement of your streaming tech stack.

Augment your streaming services with smart In-Stream Switching

This means you can...
  • Ensure the best CDN option for your viewer at anytime is applied
  • Monitor CDN performance in real-time during the stream
  • Always apply the right CDN whenever, wherever
And your business will benefit from...
  • Deliver the best Quality of Experience constantly
  • Minimize costs by ensuring the application of the best CDN with an optimal cost score
Video Smart Stream Switching
improvement in smoothnessinfo
reduced bufferinginfo

How it works

With Mlytics Video Stream, you can provide VIP technical support to your audience and ensure that they receive the best possible experience.

How it works

In-Stream Switching led by SDK Decision Engine on the viewer side proactively resolves technical issues like buffering or downtime and selects the best CDN for each viewer.

How it works
100% transparent for end-users
no plugins or extensions to install and no page refresh required (In-Stream Switching)
Configurable CDN Prioritization
strategically distribute video based on your CDN weightage configurations
In-Stream multi-sourcing
fetching each video segment from the best CDN for each viewer
Configuration injection
per platform, per stream; tailored to each use case or subset of broadcaster’s traffic
GUI and data API for CDN traffic, bandwidth (measured by viewer devices), error rates, viewers, and buffering ratio

Single CDN vs Mlytics In-Stream Switching

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