Multi-CDN for Streaming

Implement Multi-CDN to empower your video streaming services with a few clicks. Our unparalleled video streaming CDN solution takes the streaming performance and reliability to the next level.

Multi-CDN for Streaming


Easily access a range of top-tier CDN brands on demand, minus the need for additional configurations or contracts. Shop and compare for what you need, avoid single vendor lock-in.

Bring your own CDN

Integrate your preferred CDN provider that’s not yet available via the marketplace or a CDN that you currently have a contract obligation with.

Bring your own CDN
Video Multi-CDN management

Single panel of control

Mlytics Multi-CDN Management enables a consistent and accurate delivery strategy for CDNs activated via Mlytics Marketplace or the ones that are owned by your business.

Highly compatible

Use any HLS-based (HTTP live streaming) third party video platform.

It supports a wide range of input formats, including RTMP, HLS, and video asset upload. Designed specifically to support scenarios like video-on-demand or live streaming events.

Highly compatible
Automate CDN load balancing

Automate CDN load balancing

Orchestrate with Mlytics In-Stream Switching to deliver the best viewing experience.

Learn more about In-Stream Switching

Take Action Today


Gain actionable insights from your streaming data, optimize viewer engagement and QoE.

Learn about Video Stream Analytics
In-Stream Switching

Mlytics constantly scans user side CDN performance for a better CDN option and switch seamlessly without buffering to eliminate downtime.

Learn about In-Stream Switching
Hybrid CDN P2P

Lower cost up to 40% without compromising QoE by intelligently combines Multi-CDN and Hybrid CDN P2P technology.

Learn about Hybrid CDN P2P
Low Latency Live Streaming

Keep viewers engaged and connected via Mlytics low latency technology for sports, gaming, and more.

Achieve Low Latency

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