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Trinax & Mlytics take thousands of virtual travelers on the trip of a lifetime

Trinax Case Study

Key results

  • Application endpoints URLs required for Trinax’s Livestream Platform became 100% accessible at increased speed for users within China.
  • Billing to customers made transparent by allowing easy CDN management via Mlytics platform.
  • Easy onboarding and technical support to test connectivity from within the China region in advance of the event.

About Trinax

Trinax is a Singapore based creative technology company that designs and develops digital experiences built on an omni-channel framework for brands and organizations. They offer a trusted virtual events platform that consists of a wide spectrum of design options, plugins and add-ons.

Challenge: Provide stable and lag-free experience for China-based event participants

In October 2021, Trinax built a virtual event platform for the 2021 Virtual Travel Expo. The platform contained multiple technologies to provide live video streaming, video replays, live chats, a 3D expo environment, contact forms and customizable event booths for vendors to engage with their audience. The technology was provided by multiple solution providers, combined into one platform. Needless to say, each vendor provided different performance capabilities, and in some cases vendors struggled to provide access to china-based users.

Furthermore, Trinax had built the platform for a specific event host, but planned to reuse components for completely different organizations to run their own events. Trinax was looking for a way to easily bill cloud usage back to their clients without incurring costs of their own. In other words, Trinax needed transparent billing and usage reports for their customers.

In addition, Trinax needed to test connectivity before the actual event to ensure a smooth and problem-free event from day one of the conference.

Mlytics caters global, smart load balancing, Multi CDN solution, combined with 24×7 butler service to ensure seamless virtual experience

Benefits to Trinax

  1. Flexible China Rim CDN solution ensures global visibility for technical components which otherwise did not perform well, or have no access at all within China.
  2. 24×7 white-glove support team to ease onboarding and testing of the technical endpoints within China, and regions around the world. 
  3. Butler service support to monitor the event’s live streams before and during the event from multiple virtual machines located within China, England and USA.
  4. Flexible billing to up -and downgrade the Trinax account depending on customers’ needs. Clear billing and consumption reports they can share to their customers.

Solution integration

For Trinax’ case, we made use of Mlytics’ signature smart load balancer to direct traffic to Google Cloud origin servers, and used geo-based rules to route global traffic directly to the GCP instance so that google cloud CDN was leveraged where it was best performant. For China-based users, for whom GCP is unavailable, China Rim CDNs were used to route traffic using reliable networks, while Mlytics’ WAF constantly hid the GCP IPs to allow Chinese participants the same experience as other global users.

Mlytics utilized VMs hosted in 3 different Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen to access and test the functionality of the platform. As with any event, testing continued for the duration of the live event. Our always-on support team was online, providing constant support throughout the process.Typically, customers who need access to the Chinese market set up their domain once, go through an optimization process, and then switch their CNAME/DNS to go-live. However, Trinax provides technical solutions for virtual events of many different customers. Each customer brings new domains, and each solution is unique. Because of this, Trinax needed a way to isolate the billing of one customer from another, with a breakdown of traffic per CDN.

The Mlytics platform provides sufficient transparent analytics, simplifying the task for Trinax to assign traffic to individual accounts, and to have a domain by domain breakdown by CDN. Furthermore, we enabled downgrade functionality so that when Trinax had no need for China access, no costs were incurred.

Solution Outcome

Thanks to ongoing support of the Mlytics SOC team, who tested connectivity both prior and during the event, combined with a flexible Multi CDN setup and transparent data analytics, Trinax was able to run a smooth and lag-free event for both China-based and global event participants and eased up billing for their customers.