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Mlytics signs reseller agreement with UK headquartered Cyber3i

Cyber3i & mlytics

UK-based cyber focused managed service provider in the UK has announced its partnership with Mlytics, a company that develops an AI driven multi-cdn marketplace that makes subscribing to multiple leading CDNs like Akamai, Cloudfront, Cloudfront, Alibaba the simplest of tasks, and then serves as a medium to coordinate them to ensure your web application achieves the greatest regional performance at all times.

In 2020 we saw unprecedented growth of online commerce. Our buying trends were undoubtedly influenced by Covid 19. More retailers embraced the digital world launching new or upgraded storefronts to serve its local and of course global customers.’ said Sam Grazina, CEO and founder of Cyber3i. ‘However serving a global market via the web brings many challenges. How do our clients ensure security of their storefronts? And how do they service their customers with an exceptional user experience, no matter where they are sat in the world? A partnership between Cyber3i and Mlytics will prove helpful in achieving our clients both goals.’

At Mlytics, we strive to provide the fastest website performance, reliability, and security package to businesses of all scales. Previously, there was simply no one-size-fits-all solution out there for these three critical services. This meant businesses had to subscribe to multiple, complex and different services to meet their requirements. The Mlytics AI platform solves this issue in moments. 

‘In our user-friendly interface we provide access to multiple top-tier CDN providers offering global coverage including China access. Our clients do not require multiple annual contracts with the providers, they can simply subscribe to Mlytics on a contract-free, monthly pay-as-you-go basis. The Mlytics proprietary AI system then performs GSLB (global server load balancing) to assure all users around the world have the fastest access to your website.’ commented Ryan Chin, CEO and Founder, ‘We then add a critical layer of security. The platform’s WAF (web application firewall) can effectively prevent DDoS and application attacks to offer consistent security enforcement across all CDNs’.

Mlytics is the pioneer in AI-optimized Multi CDN marketplace’ says Zena Cheng, Chief of Channel Growth, of Mlytics, ‘We always believe that finding the right partner in the region is a very important factor in our success.  We together with Cyber3i are united to address the European market and Mlytics and our UK & Europe clients are exceptionally excited to be in the safe hands of Cyber3i.

About Mlytics

Founded in 2017, Mlytics’ goal is to disrupt the cloud industry with Multi CDN technology to provide the best in class reliability, performance, and security solution. Mlytics has developed a SaaS platform driven by machine learning technology that can help companies at different scales to optimize websites/web apps.

About Cyber3i

Founded early 2020, Cyber3i  is focused on providing the ‘Best of Breed’ in Cyber Security Solutions to the marketplace. Advocates that AI assist to achieve maximum optimised performances in all layers of operations,  Cyber3i solutions reduce complexity whilst maximising benefits for their client.  Continuous Managed Services, SaaS Services and 24/7 SOC Solutions empower Cyber3i to provide Real Advanced Cyber Security in Real Tîme.