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Enhancing Performance and Reliability with Mlytics – A Partnership with an Online Trading Platform


A leading online trading platform faced significant challenges with their website performance and reliability, particularly concerning their server infrastructure and network connectivity in key regions. These challenges threatened the platform’s ability to provide seamless trading experiences to their users and maintain their competitive edge in the online trading industry.

Discovery and Solution

In their quest to resolve these issues, the trading platform embarked on a search for a reliable partner that could address their specific needs. Through extensive research and evaluation, they discovered Mlytics, a cutting-edge performance optimization platform that specializes in enhancing website speed, reliability, and connectivity.

Mlytics offered the trading platform a comprehensive solution suite, including:

  • Direct network routing to ensure fast and stable connectivity in key regions.
  • Advanced monitoring and alert systems to promptly identify and address any network or server issues.
  • Dedicated technical support to provide timely assistance and resolution for any arising challenges.
  • Robust API capabilities for seamless integration with the platform’s existing infrastructure and applications.

Implementation and Impact

Upon choosing Mlytics as their performance optimization partner, the trading platform embarked on a POC phase to evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. During this period, they experienced significant improvements in website speed, network reliability, and overall performance. The direct network routing provided by Mlytics enabled the platform to establish stable connections with their users in key regions, drastically reducing latency and enhancing the trading experience.

Website speed

The online trading platform reported significant improvements in their website speed after implementing Mlytics’ solutions. Here are the numbers:

  • Previous Website Speed: The platform’s website speed ranged from 119ms to 157ms before using Mlytics.
  • Current Website Speed: After integrating Mlytics’ solutions, the website speed improved dramatically, with response times reaching as low as 49ms. This represents a substantial reduction in latency and a significant enhancement in user experience.

In partnering with Mlytics, an online trading company has realized a remarkable improvement in website speed, with response times decreasing by up to 50%. This enhancement in speed has directly translated into a doubled user engagement rate and a notable increase in customer satisfaction metrics. 

These numbers clearly demonstrate the tangible benefits and performance improvements achieved by the online trading platform through their partnership with Mlytics. The drastic reduction in website response times underscores the effectiveness of Mlytics’ solutions in optimizing website performance and delivering a seamless user experience to traders on the platform.

Network Reliability and Cost saving

The advanced monitoring and alert systems proved invaluable, allowing the platform to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues before they could impact users. The dedicated technical support provided by Mlytics ensured that the platform received prompt assistance and resolution for any technical challenges, thereby minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service for their users.

Additionally, Mlytics’ enterprise-level support, including its Security Operations Center, has proven instrumental in swiftly identifying and resolving potential security threats and performance issues. The critical nature of minimizing downtime for their business is underscored, where each hour of service interruption can result in an estimated loss equivalent to ten times the monthly expenditure on Mlytics’ services. 

This underscores the importance of Mlytics’ proactive monitoring and rapid response capabilities in safeguarding the company’s online trading platform against disruptions. By partnering with Mlytics, the online trading company has not only optimized its website performance but also fortified its security posture, thereby enhancing its competitive edge and preserving revenue streams amidst a dynamic online trading landscape.

Moreover, the seamless integration capabilities offered by Mlytics’ API allowed the platform to streamline their infrastructure and optimize their workflow, enhancing operational efficiency and agility.

Business Expansion and Future Outlook

With Mlytics’ support, the online trading platform experienced notable improvements in website performance, reliability, and user experience. The partnership with Mlytics empowered the platform to focus on their core business objectives, such as business expansion and revenue growth, confident in the reliability and scalability of their infrastructure.

Looking ahead, the platform plans to further leverage Mlytics’ capabilities to explore new opportunities for optimization and innovation. They aim to continue their journey towards excellence in online trading, supported by Mlytics’ cutting-edge technologies and unwavering commitment to customer success.


The collaboration between the online trading platform and Mlytics stands as a testament to the power of partnership in overcoming technical challenges and driving business success. By harnessing the innovative solutions and dedicated support offered by Mlytics, the platform has strengthened its position in the online trading industry and unlocked new possibilities for growth and innovation.

Through their shared commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, the platform and Mlytics have forged a partnership that exemplifies the transformative impact of technology in empowering businesses to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.