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Multi-CDN Traffic Management Platform

Mlytics is an AI-based traffic management platform with CDN marketplace that makes subscribing to Multi CDN and improving website performance an easy task.

Multi CDN

5 min.
to get you started
point of presences
global uptime

Enhance, measure, optimize, and protect your website. All autonomously, 24/7.


Activate and manage multiple CDNs for your website

Get started in a few minutes with a guided onboarding process and access the Power-Ups marketplace. Subscribe to a variety of CDNs to build your Multi CDN solution.

subscribe to multiple top tier cdns via marketplace
Mearsure internet performance data and process the collected data into actionable insights


Measure the performance of your website and get actionable insights

The system collects global network performance data, and translates it into traffic routing decisions.


Optimize your website for excellent customer experience

Save time on configurations, the system automatically identifies and routes your users to the best performing CDN to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Optimize website based on the processed data
All operations are protected from attacks


Protect your website and users from attacks

Traffic going through the system is protected from a wide range of malicious activities by Mlytics’s Cloud WAF, API protection, CDN/origin DDoS protection, bot management, access control, and more.

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