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Success Stories: Aurora Group

Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels

Aurora Group’s business scope involves office automation equipment, office furniture, communications, 3D printer, cloud, and electronics. With its massive business scale in the Mandarin-speaking market, it’s looking for solutions to further improve the performance of its website. Aurora Group has seen a vast improvement on website load speed, latency, and uptime dramatically after implementing the Mlytics platform alongside with Aurora Group’s website.

The flexibility

Aurora Group is seeing exponential growth in its website visitors along with its aggressive business expansion. While they did intend to implement CDN to keep up the performance, over-committing into a CDN provider and contract can be risky. They’re looking for flexibility: the ability to open or tighten up the capacity when needed.

Initially, Aurora Group were in talks with multiple CDN providers, but all of them couldn’t provide the flexibility they’re looking for. All require them to commit a certain amount of bandwidth and sign a huge contract, which is the exact opposite of their requirements.

One of the CDN providers then referred Aurora Group to Mlytics, telling them that Mlytics might have the exact solution they needed, which is total flexibility.

Best bang for the buck

When Aurora Group discovered Mlytics, they were surprised that they can use multiple CDNs with nearly the price of one. Better yet, no contract is required for each individual CDN providers, they’ll just have to work with Mlytics.

After implementing Mlytics, the results showed that latency and speed have been vastly improved with zero hiccups. The setup process has also proven to be extremely easy as well since it didn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up an account and add their website to the Mlytics platform.

“The overall experience was extremely smooth, pleasant, and intuitive,” said Aurora Group IT manager. “It solves most of our problem, and give us more options than we initially expected.”

The interview was taken using Mandarin and translated into English.


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