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How Mlytics Supported TCI’s Market Enhancement in China



Entering the dynamic landscape of business expansion, our client – TCI (大江生醫) – aims to establish a significant presence in the USA and European markets. While they have been active Chinese market for several years, challenges persist regarding information and online presence. Nevertheless, they are focused on enhancing their reach in China, while also paving the way for future ventures into Southeast Asian countries such as India and Indonesia.  They sought to navigate challenges unique to these regions. Mlytics, a robust web performance and security solution, played a crucial role in addressing these challenges and achieving TCI’s business objectives.

Business Challenges

The initial pain point was the slow service speed in Europe and the Americas, which often led to complaints from in-house business clients. TCI also encountered several challenges as it entered the Chinese market. These challenges arose from the complexities of the Great Firewall, and the need for fast resource access. The necessity to enhance network security and guarantee the stability of TCI’s website and app further exacerbated the obstacles.

In the absence of an optimized user experience for TCI CDN, client encountered several challenges:

  1. Two domains, designated for China and the global website, were formally CNAME’d through Mlytics to accelerate and protect traffic. However, there was an outstanding issue with the domain responsible for serving static image files through the Tokyo AWS server using Cloudfront. This led to intermittent problems, including unstable delivery and high-latency issues when content was delivered to China.
  2. TCI’s recent introduction of a new application, electronic business cards, faced substantial hurdles, particularly in the United States region. Delivery was often unstable, and latency was consistently higher than desired.
  3. Within the Chinese app, TCI observed a recurring problem with document and image file delivery, which suffered from consistent high latency.

In summary, TCI CDN setup lacked a comprehensive management system and optimization, resulting in performance issues across multiple domains and applications.


Mlytics is a web performance and security solution that partners with businesses to optimize network performance and enhance security. With a focus on delivering exceptional support and user-friendly solutions, Mlytics has proven to be effective in addressing various challenges in the online landscape.

How Mlytics Addressed the Challenges:

To optimize cost and enhance the global digital experience,we recommended a Multi-CDN approach. This approach offers the following solutions:

  1. Multi-CDN Optimization and Management: Utilizing a Multi-CDN strategy can significantly improve the cost-effectiveness and global digital experience. By employing multiple Content Delivery Networks, the system can dynamically choose the most efficient CDN for a given region or set of content. This ensures a seamless user experience, reduces latency, and enhances the reliability of content delivery.
  2. Strengthen Mlytics Intelligent Load Balancing: It is advisable to enhance the coverage of Mlytics’ intelligent load balancing to span across all target markets. This approach helps avoid single points of failure, ensuring uninterrupted service availability. This strengthens the resilience of the enterprise, lowers reputational risks, and minimizes potential losses. Additionally, complementing this with a 24×7 Enterprise Support team for real-time alerting and issue resolution can significantly reduce the likelihood of service interruptions during critical events.
  3. Gradual Implementation of Domains: After activating the account, it is feasible to start by associating multiple domains. Subsequently, optimizing the performance can be an iterative process, gradually improving the user experience for each domain.

By implementing these solutions, the organization can ensure a robust and resilient content delivery infrastructure, improve the global digital experience, and mitigate potential disruptions or performance issues.

1. China Access: Mlytics offered tailored solutions to facilitate reliable access to resources in China. These solutions enable seamless operations in the Chinese market.

2. Website Speed and Reliability: Mlytics collaborated with TCI and BioFunction to enhance the speed and reliability of their global website. A swift and dependable online presence was pivotal to their success in target markets.

Mlytics 300+ Monitoring Wavers for TCI main website around the world:www.tci-bio.com:

  • Taiwan – Taipei
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Singapore – Singapore
  • Russia – Moscow
  • Russia – Saint Petersburg
  • United Kingdom – London
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • Germany – Munich
  • France – Paris
  • Italy – Milan
  • Spain – Madrid
  • United States – Seattle
  • United States – New York
  • United States – Los Angeles
  • United States – Washington
  • United States – San Francisco
  • Canada – Toronto
  • etc.

Mlytics 300+ Monitoring Wavers for TCI China-focused website in China – www.tci-bio.co:

  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Hangzhou
  • Qingdao
  • Shenzhen
  • Zhangjiakou
  • Chengdu
  • Chongqing
  • Hohhot
  • Guangzhou
  • Guiyang
  • etc.

3. Security: Mlytics implemented security measures to protect TCI’s resources, making them less vulnerable to security threats and ensuring uninterrupted access, even in the face of regulatory and security challenges in China.


TCI’s decision to adopt Mlytics products led to several positive outcomes, particularly in China:

  1. Assisting TCI in Deepening its Presence in the Chinese Market: Mlytics supported TCI’s efforts to deepen its presence in the Chinese market by providing solutions that addressed regulatory and security challenges and ensured reliable resource access.
  2. Improved Website Speed and Reliability: The collaboration with Mlytics resulted in a faster and more reliable global website, crucial for maintaining a strong online presence.

    Response time for global world www.tci-bio.com – before and after

Response time for China  www.tci-bio.co  – before and after

3. Enhanced Security: Mlytics helped protect TCI’s resources, making them less vulnerable to security threats and ensuring uninterrupted access.

Challenges in India and Indonesia: While TCI was making strides in overcoming challenges in China with Mlytics, its expansion into India and Indonesia was a work in progress, and Mlytics had not yet been fully utilized in these markets.

Recommendation and Satisfaction: TCI expressed a high level of satisfaction with Mlytics for its support in China. The company highly recommended Mlytics for its effectiveness, particularly in addressing regulatory and security challenges in challenging markets.


TCI, with its subsidiaries like BioFunction, is committed to innovation, high-performance products, and a long-term vision. The partnership with Mlytics played a pivotal role in helping TCI successfully expand into the Chinese market, ensuring optimal network performance, website speed, and security. While efforts to optimize operations in India and Indonesia continued, the partnership with Mlytics was instrumental in achieving the company’s goals in China.