Reduce the costs for your digital business.

Redefine cost efficiency of your digital business with Mlytics:

  • Real-time cost adjustments for dynamic traffic.
  • Smart load balancing for ongoing cost reduction.
  • Improve your business ROI by optimizing delivery expenses.
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How Mlytics Smart Load Balancer can intelligently optimize your costs

How much traffic usage can I get for my budget?
If I save 10% of costs, how does it affect my usage?
Can I spread my budget efficiently across different regions?
I need the best performance and cost saving.
If I'm ready for committed usage, can I get even more discounts?


Growing Cost, Flat Revenue

As my business expands, expenses rise, but my earnings per user stay the same, creating a financial challenge. Stuck in a Contract: I can't switch to a cheaper option despite finding one because I'm tied to a fixed-term contract.

After - with Mlytics

Growing Revenue, with Cost reduced

Your CDN costs adapt to your usage, providing consistent and fair pricing throughout your contract. As your needs grow, so do your discounts, automatically reflected in your next billing cycle. Our pricing is flexible, freeing you from year-long commitments.

How it works

If you're an New Mlytics customer


Maximize Savings: Predictive Traffic Analysis with Mlytics

Applying the Mlytics Smart Load Balancer solution for cost optimization, we can estimate the amount saved based on the prediction and actual spending of your content delivery costs.

Optimize your content delivery costs for a maximum efficiency.

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