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Unmatched DDos Protection

Always-on, multi-layer DDoS Mitigation

Keep websites, applications and networks safe from L3/L4 & L7 attacks with our 2,600 Tbps global Multi CDN network, without sacrificing performance.

“From inquiry to deployment: Managed DDoS protection in less than 1.5 hours”

Why Mlytics DDoS protection?

DDoS attacks are relatively simple to pull off, and extremely damaging to any online business. With the annual number of global attacks on the rise, it is crucial to take necessary steps to protect against this type of cyber threat.

Mlytics’ high-bandwidth, global Multi CDN network combines 2300+ edge nodes with 2,600 Tbps capacity from all of our CDN partners to absorb even the largest L3 & L4 DDoS attacks.

In addition, Mlytics Origin Shield adds an extra layer of always-on L7 protection to keep business-critical services safe from rogue crawlers, bad bots and more.

Combined, Mlytics always-on, multi-layer DDoS protection allows users to achieve maximum security, without compromising performance.




Mlytics offers unmetered, always-on DDoS Protection for web assets through aggregated multi-CDNs, AI detection and auto switching between the CDN consortium and the largest number of nodes. It is also hyper-automated with cloud web application firewall (WAF), Bot Management, L3/4 security services. Mlytics applies rate controls to API requests, and inspects JSON and XML API calls in order to ensure the web server remains available and the data is secure.

Comprehensive DDoS mitigation

Protect everything connected to the web

Mlytics offers multi-layer DDoS protection solutions built to secure everything on your on-premise and cloud networks.

Multi CDN

DDos mitigation at global scale

Protect sites, web apps and networks against the largest attacks

Powered by a combination of 2,300+ PoPs and 2,600 Tbps capacity from all of our CDN partners, your website, web apps and networks can sustain attacks via a multi-terabit-per-second globally distributed network.

Intelligent mitigation

Load balancing and mitigation at the edge

By leveraging a network of multiple global CDNs, the system mitigates attacks in seconds. As soon as a DDoS attack is detected, the Mlytics smart load balancer routs requests from the attacked CDN to a healthy one.

Intelligent mitigation

Global Security Operation Center

White-glove DDoS mitigation service, anywhere, anytime

The Mlytics SOC is a team filled with cybersecurity veterans that have dealt with the largest DDoS attacks in the past. The team is determined and has all the knowledge required to keep your website safe 24×7.

“They solved our speed problem and the team was 100% dedicated to fix all the issues we had.”

Gonzague Gay-Bouchery , Head of ICT

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