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Multi-CDN performance orchestration

Hyper-automated CDN performance management

Meet time-to-market requirements with an easy-access, frictionless, comprehensive Multi-CDN performance orchestration platform.

Multi CDN performance orchestration

“Website operators have to take some of the blame for outages. More sites should consider using a Multi-CDN strategy to reduce risk.”

Michael Dorosh, Senior Director, Gartner

Why Mlytics CDN performance orchestration?

Mlytics is the leading intelligent Multi-CDN traffic management platform.

Identifying, testing and setting up the right CDN solution for your business needs can be challenging and time consuming. Relying on a single CDN vendor’s solution, possibly increases the risks of single-point-of-failure.

Mlytics sits at the intersection of website performance, security and regulatory compliance. We assist businesses with cost optimization and website experience improvement – every minute, every hour of every day automatically.

Myltics delivers CDN orchestration and digital experience at speed with data, traffic transparency and direction. The experience delivery platform provides a single view to monitor, compare, access, acquire and manage CDNs with just a few clicks.

Enhanced Performance

Intelligent Optimization

Always-On Automation

Leverage our hyper-automated solution to manage multi-vendor strategies effectively and enhance website and CDN performance. Mlytics Multi-CDN performance orchestration features an optimized, intelligent Multi-CDN management platform with a fully integrated automated trigger.

Mlytics includes multiple trusted CDNs, policy management, a sophisticated security suite, and global managed services in a single, efficient platform.

Seamless CDN Orchestration

Centralized Multi-CDN management in a few clicks

Mlytics orchestrates multiple CDNs from different trusted providers to increase websites and mobile application performance. A simple click connects you to leading CDNs regionally and globally.

The Mlytics CDN management platform provides a single transparent view to monitor, compare, access, acquire and control the CDN of your choice.If your current CDN provider is not listed on the Mlytics platform, you can bring your own CDN by setting it up in just a few clicks.

Seamless CDN Orchestration
AI-based CDN traffic routing

AI-based CDN traffic routing

Smart Load Balancer

Mlytics’ AI-driven Smart Load Balancing leverages a wide range of data sources including RUM, synthetic nodes, visitor Synthetic Region (VSR) nodes and 3rd party data down to county, city and Telco. ASN level in order to choose the best performing CDN provider every time.

Smart Load Balancing as frequent as a 5 minutes interval drives performance optimization. The Smart Load Balancer powers the Mlytics Services Orchestrations Engine.

CDN Performance analytics

Digital Experience Monitoring

DEM is the Mlytics real-time monitoring and management tool that helps your enterprise run efficiently. It identifies vulnerabilities that contribute to outages, downtime, or disruptions to the user experience such as slow page load times. The Mylitcs DEM assesses the root cause of the issue that affects performance while triggering a recommendation engine for immediate resolution.

We poll live data including bandwidth, number of requests, number of visitors, number of page views and traffic geo at variant frequency in order to generate actionable insights for benchmarking, problem identification and optimization recommendations.

CDN Performance analytics
CDN Marketplace

CDN Marketplace

Shop around for the perfect CDN

Finding the right CDN vendor can be difficult, especially when it involves implementation and testing. Use the Mlytics Marketplace with an easy one-time setup. Gain frictionless access to more than ten of the leading CDNs. such as Akamai, Cloudflare, Incapsula in a few clicks.

Enjoy a Zero contract negotiation and a pay-as-you-go model. Save team time on sourcing, implementation, testing and launch.

Advanced solution built for seamless CDN orchestration

Advanced solution built for seamless CDN orchestration

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