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Performance Monitoring

Gain granular visibility into content delivery and digital experience performance

Analyze real-time website and CDN performance data, and uncover actionable insights to boost experience delivery

“Mlytics’s CDN management allows us to setup and monitor the best CDNs available globally.”

Bhrushank Ved, Co-Founder Edifian

Why Mlytics site & CDN performance monitoring tool?

Website performance can make or break on-site user experience. Therefore digital experience performance monitoring is business-critical for any online organization.

Many monitoring and analytics approaches fail to provide a granular, 360-degree view on both global site and CDN performance.

Mlytics performance monitoring tool allows website owners and IT professionals to benchmark site performance, compare multiple CDN vendors, quickly get visibility into crucial performance data and gain actionable insights to further optimize content delivery and digital experience and secure business outcomes.

Real-time testing

Global performance data

Intelligent benchmarking

Many performance testing tools have their blind spots, leaving space for errors when making mission-critical experience delivery decisions.

Gain immediate access to our transparent website and CDN performance monitoring too to uncover hidden insights and enhance digital experience decision-making.

Global performance data

No blind spots, but full 360-degree data visibility

Mlytics performance monitoring tool is an intelligent solution that leverages in-house developed smart load balancing technology to test and analyze global data in real-time.

Data consists of data from RUM, synthetic monitoring and 3rd party data collected through global nodes including China.

The solution combines a network of 230 wavers, strategically distributed around the globe with more than 5000 domains to run tests real-time and feed back results in parallel, repeated every few minutes to ensure full visibility and detect anomalies at the quickest possible.

Performance tests & benchmarking

Multiple tests to uncover hidden performance insights

Mlytics performance monitoring tool allows to run various tests, providing insight into different sets of business-critical site and CDN performance data.

Tests include a global speed test, a CDN comparison tool, a test to benchmark site performance against any CDN or even Multi CDN setup.

Tests poll live data including HTTP status, TTFB, page load time, geo locations and any used CDNs, all at variant frequency in order to generate actionable insights for benchmarking, problem identification and optimization recommendations.

“What gets measured, gets managed, and only by doing so, one can optimize performance and guarantee a desirable business outcome.”

Tony Lepage, Mlytics, Solutions Architect

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