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CDN outage mitigation

Prevent website and application downtime

Improve the availability of websites and applications affected by overloaded or unavailable infrastructure.

Why Mlytics CDN Outage Mitigation?

Users expect their business-critical websites and applications to always be online and available. Recent history shows that internet applications deployed on a global scale are easily affected by outages and downtime caused by CDN infrastructure’s single point of failure.

Mlytics ensures application availability and uptime by leveraging multiple trusted CDNs, always-on network latency and availability monitoring, and smart load balancing to identify and steer traffic through the healthiest resource to serve user requests.

Website operators have to take some of the blame for outages. More sites should consider using a Multi CDN strategy to reduce risk.

Michael Dorosh, Senior Director, Gartner

Zero downtime

Intelligent optimization

Always-on approach

Even the largest websites and networks fail, and no one is immune to the occasional catastrophic internet outage. Don’t let your CDN be a single point of failure, aim for resilience and redundancy instead.

Leverage our automated tools to manage multi-vendor strategies effectively and eliminate downtime. Eliminate CDN single point of failure with an automated, intelligent risk-free approach.

Manage multiple CDNs

Customized Multi CDN Management

Mlytics partnered with multiple trusted global CDN providers to offer you the most reliable CDNs. Easily select, compare and deploy CDNs based on your unique situation.
If your current CDN provider is not listed on the Mlytics platform, you can bring your own CDN by setting it up in just a few clicks.

Bring the CDN you subscribed somewhere else to the platform

CDN performance monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring

The Mlytics performance data consist of data from RUM, synthetic monitoring and 3rd party data collected through global nodes including China. We poll live data including bandwidth, number of requests, number of visitors, number of page views and traffic geo at variant frequency in order to generate actionable insights for benchmarking, problem identification and optimization recommendations.

AI-based CDN traffic routing

Smart Load Balancer

Mlytics’ AI driven smart load balancer leverages a wide range of data sources to choose the best performing CDN server every time. Balancing happening as frequent as a 5 minutes interval drives performance optimization.

Smart Load Balancer
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Mlytics’ Multi CDN solution helped me to increase global availability, while minimizing management costs.

Mezi Wu, Technical Director, Yile Technology

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