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Keep website encrypted, get a free SSL

Generate a free SSL certificate and HTTPS-encrypt your website, or upload your own.


How is Mlytics SSL different?

SSL certificate isn’t a requirement, but millions of websites are using it to protect their user’s data. Mlytics offers free SSL for all the websites on the platform to keep websites encrypted. Even if multiple CDNs are installed, it will automatically generate and install SSLs for all the CDNs.

one click and add SSL to your website

Encrypt automatically

Automatically generate and install SSL when adding a website to the platform.

encrypt all the CDNs with SSL with just a few clicks

Encrypt everything

SSL will be generated and installed on all activated CDNs automatically.

ssl will automatically renew


The system will renew the SSL prior to expiration without any manual work.

Free SSL

Be part of a better, safer internet without paying a dime

SSL is not a cheap investment, and this could be a burden for some small businesses. The platform can offer website SSL encryption free of charge.

Be part of a better, safer internet without paying a dime
Generate your free SSL via either HTTP or DNS

Custom SSL

If you already have an SSL certificate, upload it to the platform

Upload and use your own SSL certificate if you prefer. The platform offers not only just an easier way to claim your free SSL but a tool to manage your existing certificate as well.

Augment your existing video delivery