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Hey world, meet the new mlytics

mlytics is getting a new logo

Today marks a new chapter for mlytics – we’re thrilled to announce that we have a new logo and brand identity!

Started in 2017, mlytics has been focusing on building technology to empower businesses to enhance their websites to deliver a better user experience. When it all started, we wanted to give our brand a diverse and energetic feeling, and the very first logo aims to deliver that.

This logo had been on an adventurous journey and grew along with us, and we loved it dearly. But here we are to explain why we decided to make the change.

Too many colors

While the logo is distinctive, there are 5 colors (6 if you count the text) in the logo, which sometimes makes it difficult to fit into places for both digital designs and physical prints.

When our logo is trying to fit into a more colorful design, it’s automatically camouflaged which makes it difficult to pop.

No, we’re not a Slack company

Yes yes, we’ve heard it, and no, we’re not a Slack company. Although the logo wasn’t inspired by Slack’s old logo (it’s true), many have been asking what we have to do with it. 

It then becomes a challenge when we’re trying to establish branding. People can’t remember us as ‘mlytics’, instead, a company with a logo that looks like that company just IPO’d.

Fun fact: when we’re discussing the new logo and brand identity, Slack actually changed their logo, and we’re actually thinking about keeping our old logo since it’s no longer identical. 

So, about that new logo

The new logo has three main elements:

  1. Flexible
  2. Future
  3. Energetic

This pretty much aligns with what we have in mind when we designed the first logo, but we’re approaching it with a whole new angle.

No, we didn’t just draw a bunch of circles to make it look professional.

Obviously, the ‘M’ is something you’ll notice first when you see the new logo.

But there are multiple layers of meaning to it: The logo is more round-shaped to give it a “flexible” feeling; the color is more “futuristic” (or techy) to emphasize the state-of-the-art technology that we’re building; the ‘M’ resembles a pair of wings to show that we’re full of “energy” and aims to fly higher every day.

This logo will be our official identity starting today, you’ll see this look and feel across all visuals around mlytics. No worries, we haven’t changed one bit, we just evolved.


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